Dummy Jim

Dummy Jim is the name of a film that my lovely and talented friend Matt Hulse has been making for the past ten years or so. An independent film-maker, Matt has what you might call an extemporaneous approach to his craft – which is probably why this, his first (or is it second?) feature film has taken this long to come together.

Dummy Jim tells the story of James Duthie, a profoundly deaf man who lived in the far northeast of Scotland. In 1951, he set out on his bicycle from his hometown of Cairnbulg, and cycled to the Arctic Circle. He immortalised this trip in a small, self-published book called I Cycled Into the Arctic Circle.

I was lucky enough to join Matt and his team – including the very fine actor and film-maker in his own right, Samuel Dore – as they filmed the last scenes of this epic tale. Visit Dummy Jim for details of the release date and screenings.